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学校 和大学

拥有200多个专业, 100未成年人, more than 200 advanced degree programs and hundreds of top researchers and scholars across 澳门线上赌场’s 13 schools and colleges, you’ll find infinite ways to make real-world impact.

不管你的兴趣是什么, this is where you can turn your curiosity and passion into expertise and purpose.

在雪城大学的各个学院, a distinctive blend of liberal arts education and professional studies empower you to shape your own path.

Winter sunset on campus with Crouse college in the background


Among the first—and most respected—architecture schools in the nation, Syracuse’s 建筑学院 offers a professional curriculum centered on creativity, 研究和解决问题. The five-year program leads to a Bachelor of 拱itecture degree.

Professor Sascha Scott during museum review with a student.


The founding college of 澳门线上赌场 is the heart of undergraduate education. The 文理学院 is divided into the natural sciences, 数学, humanities and—in partnership with the 麦克斯韦公民与公共事务学院—the social sciences.

Student of the 教育学院 conducting field research in a classroom.


The 教育学院 is a national leader in enhancing educational practice. 包容运动的先驱, the 教育学院 continues that tradition through its work to improve urban education.



The 工程与计算机科学学院 is where the next generation of innovators learn to create and advance new knowledge and technologies. 跨越10个本科专业, students have access to nationally regarded research centers, state-of-the-art lab spaces and challenging 实习.

Explore the 工程与计算机科学学院
Student standing and smiling outside of The 大卫B. 福尔克体育与人类动力学学院.

大卫B. 福尔克体育与人类动力学学院

在大卫B. 福尔克体育与人类动力学学院, social justice grounds and guides all our programs—from exercise science and public health to human development. 通过学者, 服务学习项目, 实习, 研究的机会, 沉浸式旅行和俱乐部, we prepare students for careers that uplift the communities where they will live and work.

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作为全国独创的信息学校, 澳门线上赌场’s iSchool prepares students for a fast-paced digital future by teaching the technological, 沟通, management and design skills necessary to innovate solutions for any business—or start up an entirely new one.



在雪城大学法学院, you’ll learn and lead with top scholars and professionals who will mentor you on your path to a thriving legal career. Here, you’ll build on a rich legacy dating back to 1895, while shaping the future of law. Dineen大厅, 法学院的新家, is recognized as one of the most innovative law buildings in the world.


马丁J. 惠特曼管理学院

马丁J. 惠特曼管理学院 develops the next generation of executives and entrepreneurs ready to shape the world. From the rise of technology and globalization to the need for purpose-driven leadership and innovative thinking, programs are designed around the driving forces of business, preparing students to lead through change—today and in the future.

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Aden Solomon standing outside of the Maxwell School.


The 麦克斯韦公民与公共事务学院 is 澳门线上赌场’s home for innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and research in the social sciences, 公共政策, 公共行政和国际关系. 其中包括美国排名第一的. 公共事务专业排名第一, offering highly regarded professional degrees alongside advanced scholarly degrees in the social sciences, and it is home to undergraduate programs across the full spectrum of social sciences.

Explore the 麦克斯韦公民与公共事务学院

S.I. 纽豪斯公共传播学院

的年代.I. 纽豪斯公共传播学院 is a top-ranked mass 沟通 school that leads the way in virtually every form of information dissemination and amplification. 植根于文科, you’ll learn how to manage and produce 沟通s across existing and emerging media.

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The 视觉与表演艺术学院 cultivates students’ creative process, practice and professional development so they can become the artist or practitioner they want to be. Areas of study include: the School of Art; the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies; the School of Design; the Department of Drama; the Rose, 朱尔斯R. 斯坦福大学. Setnor School of 亩ic; the Department of Film and Media Arts; and the Department of Creative Arts Therapy.



专业研究学院是一个全球性的, inclusive and future-facing college that offers students a 澳门线上赌场 degree, 凭证, certificate or educational experience from anywhere in the world. 兼职, 在线, and on-campus programs with flexible formats allow students to excel in a way that best suits their lives.



The 研究生院 oversees Syracuse’s academic policy, 研究生学位和证书课程, and the professional development programs for graduate study at 澳门线上赌场.




The interdisciplinary nature of Syracuse will inspire you to expand upon your interests in ways you've never considered.

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